The Scoop by Steve Eickman,
with Adrienne Eickman and Jay Mindeman

A short book that can really grow your business.

The Scoop is a modern day parable for anyone involved in brand building and touchpoint marketing. In other words, all of us. It’s a small book with a big lesson: how to use Steve Eickman’s unique TAMM® strategy to provide focus for your communication, whether it is reaching your target audience in their homes or online, in the board room or around the kitchen table. If you want to improve your sales, marketing, management skills or interpersonal communication, you owe it to yourself to spend a little time at The Scoop, an ice cream shop with a new manager, a challenging set of communication issues and a secret formula for success.

Business Experts Love The Scoop!

"The Scoop is a story that is direct and thoughtful. The book is entertaining, informative and uses an ice cream shop as a way to think strategically and clearly about your communications and brand. Steve cleverly shares his experience and expertise."

- Bruce Gjovig,

Entrepreneur Coach & CEO, UND Center for Innovation
"The Scoop was an easy read, an enjoyable way to learn and a wonderful, practical application for anyone desiring to communicate better. The mapping of a communication process to understand and reach your target audience is valuable to businesses of all sizes."

- Cathy Lindquist,

Executive Director, NW & WC MN Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Concordia College, Moorhead, MN
About The Author

Steve Eickman is the founder of Anchor Marketing, a brand-building agency with offices in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Phoenix, Arizona. He has been successfully building and positioning brands for clients for more than 25 years.