Steve Eickman

Brand Builder.

Put the power of TAMM® to work for your organization’s brand.

Steve Eickman is a street smart brand strategist, business author and creator of the TAMM® strategic communication method. He has helped clients across the country to better plan and execute their business communication, both externally to customers and internally to stakeholders and employees. Now he’s sharing his successful strategies with businesses, organizations, clubs and chambers of commerce in cities big and small. Contact Steve at 218-779-9484 or [email protected]

Choose one of Steve’s seven TAMM-related topics and schedule a time for your organization to learn how strategic communication can be compelling and inspiring at the same time.

  1. Improve Your Business And Interpersonal Communication

    It’s easy to forget how important our day-to-day communication is to the success of our business. In this presentation, Steve explains how employing a bit of strategy with each message can dramatically improve your results.

  2. It’s Not About What You Do, It’s About How You Do It.

    There are a whole bunch of people in the world that can do WHAT you do. Steve’s presentation explains why the key to successful communication is identifying, articulating and communicating HOW you do it.

  3. Media Malpractice

    Whether you’re utilizing newspaper ads or social media posts, don’t commit any resources until you’ve determined who your target audience is and what media they consume. In this lecture, Steve shows how the TAMM strategy can ensure that your messages are heard by the people who mean the most.

  4. Take These Steps To Improve Your Sales Success!

    Sales communication is simply hand-to-hand marketing, and Steve knows how to get the most out of your team. In this presentation, he combines his sales experience with his strategic TAMM methods to share with sales professionals how to strengthen relationships by putting customers first.

  5. Three Things Advertising Can Do For You.

    Behold – reports of advertising’s death have been greatly exaggerated! Instead of going away, it’s grown exponentially – particularly online. Listen as Steve shares the three things advertising can do and why knowing which you want to apply is the key in messaging.

  6. Your Inventory Is Time And Resources.

    In this speech, Steve breaks down some of the basics of managing resources to help you understand how we determine balance in our lives.

  7. Inspire Love For Your Brand!

    How do your customers feel about your organization? Do they like your brand, or do they love it? In this presentation, Steve explains how businesspeople can use the TAMM strategy to turn loyal customers into passionate advocates for your business. Ever wonder why Apple fans insist on telling you why their newest product will change the world? Learn the secrets of brand power in this powerful speech.

Want to learn more?

Contact Steve at 218-779-9484 or [email protected]